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Metal building roofs work to save energy and the environment. A light-colored painted metal roof reflects heat in summer saving on cooling costs and keeps the indoor environment healthy and comfortable in both summer and winter. Fire and rust resistant, steel buildings are virtually maintenance free. By their very nature, steel buildings are durable, cost-effective, energy efficient and green.

Optional Color Choices

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We offer R-5 29 gauge panels on our standard units, upgrade-able to heavier R-4 26 gauge panels. They are finished with a baked enamel finish which prevents the panel from fading or chalking from harsh weather. Colors on-screen will be slightly different than paint on metal.

Color Combinations

Panel and Trim combinations

Customize  your trim and panel colors with any combination!

Accessories & Parts

Bows and Trusses

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Bows and Trusses are the structural supports or the “skeleton” of your metal structure. They give strength and stability to your garage. They are made of heavy galvanized steel tube, which is available in 14 gauge, 12 gauge, and 2 x 3 in 15 gauge. Extra bows and trusses can add to your structure to make it more able to withstand harsh conditions such as high winds or heavy snow. Every Design has unique requirements. In some areas, Certified open buildings with any wall open may require additional bracing and in some cases additional bows compared with closed structures of the same size.
We assure you have the right frame for the right job.

Doors and Windows

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We offer multiple options for openings in your metal structure. We offer several options for Windows and Walk-in Doors. We have even more options for Roll-up doors going all the way up to 14’ x 14’ commercial sizes. While designing your metal building, make sure you have clearance for the size and number of openings you want to put in your walls. We can help you with that. If you choose to add walls to an existing carport, we can add doors at that time. When you open up the sides of your building, we will need to build a header to span across the opening, for an additional cost. This keeps your walls strong, and supports the stresses of opening and closing your doors. Call our sales representatives, and we can help make sure you have the access and clearance you need for your application.


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A shelter is no good if it blows away in the wind. We want to make sure that your Metal Structure is there for you for years to come. We always recommend building your metal structure on a solid 12” wide and deep concrete footing under load-bearing walls of most single and double-wide buildings, and larger foundations for taller and wider structures. Standard installation on your concrete slab using concrete anchors is included with your purchase. If you are building on a surface other than concrete, we can make recommendations for alternative anchoring systems and install them for an additional fee. Concrete footings or mobile home anchors are always required for certified structures.

Base Rail and Trim

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Your Base Rail is what ties your Metal Structure together. Like our Bows and Trusses, we use heavy galvanized tubing for structural stability. Our bracing, whether U-Channel or Hat Channel (used in vertical panel applications) is a heavy gauge galvanized steel. Extra bracing, especially in high wind or snow areas keeps your structure strong. Our trim, available in the same colors as our panels, finishes up your building making it a structure that is built to show and built to last.

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