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Standard Style Carports

Our Standard Carport is made with a Curved Bow System. They are our most economical roof style utilizing horizontally laid panels. They are available with a wide range of customizations options.

Boxed Eave A-Frame Carports

Boxed Eave carports are made with a vertical sleeve system with a welded leg attachment. The Boxed Eave A-Frame roof style carport is a well-designed and durable horizontal roof style, giving your structure a classic look.

Vertical Roof Style Carports

Vertical roofs use the same boxed-eave frame with hat-channel supports and panels set vertically. Vertical Style Carports are the best storage option to protect your vehicles from wind, rain, snow and hail. It is our sturdiest roof option.

Carports Tips

Protect your vehicles affordably with our carports, designed to shield against sun, rain, snow, and debris. Enjoy natural ventilation, ideal for hot climates. Price includes standard delivery and installation on a level concrete slab. For a hands-on approach, opt for our easy-to-assemble DIY kits at a discounted rate. For larger structures over 31 feet, vertical roofs are recommended for extra strength and leak prevention. Areas with high winds should consider the Santa Ana Upgrade, while snow-prone locations would benefit from our Big Bear Snow Package, featuring added support elements. Note: Buildings wider than 22 feet or taller than 12 feet may need extra reinforcement. Always check local codes for compliance.

Standard Style Garages

Standard Style Garages feature our most economical roof style utilizing horizontal panels continuing into the side walls. Many configurations are available.

Boxed Eave A-Frame Garage

A Boxed Eave A-Frame Garage has a solid horizontal roof style at an economical price. They are strong and look great.

Vertical Roof Style Garage

Vertical Style Garages are our sturdiest style structures. They are great at shedding snow and rain.

Garage Tips

Secure your vehicles and valuables with our fully enclosed garages and workshops, designed for ultimate protection against sun, rain, snow, and debris. Our buildings up to 32 feet wide come with standard horizontal panels, while larger structures feature stronger vertical construction. Choose from 29-gauge panels, upgradable to a thicker 26-gauge. Weather Upgrades For enhanced durability, consider the Santa Ana Wind Upgrade and Big Bear Snow Package, which offer extra support and welded trusses for larger buildings. Roof Options Vertical roofs are advised for buildings longer than 31 feet for added strength and leak prevention. Doors & Windows Access is easy with our range of doors and windows, from home-style walk-in doors to economical mobile home options and roll-up doors. See Our Doors. Insulation Options Insulate your structure with bubble insulation to stabilize internal temperature, offering thermal resistance similar to traditional materials. Installation & Foundation Prices include standard delivery and installation on a level concrete slab. Certified structures require concrete footings or mobile home anchors. DIY kits with prefabricated components are available at a discount. Upgrades & Conversions Already own a carport from us? Upgrade with extra panels or walls, or transform it into a fully enclosed garage or barn-style structure with added lean-tos. More Info.

RV & Boat Shelters

Secure your RV, Motorhome, Coach, boat, or watercraft with our durable, made-in-the-USA steel covers. For unmatched protection, consider our fully enclosed RV garages and steel shelters, which outlast and outperform traditional covers like vinyl, polypropylene, or canvas. These top-quality shelters can be installed on either concrete pads or directly on the ground, offering a versatile and long-lasting solution for safeguarding your valuable assets.

RV & Boat Shelters Tips

Choose between our naturally ventilated open carports, popular in warm climates, and our fully enclosed carports for maximum protection. All prices include delivery and installation on a level concrete slab foundation. For a more hands-on approach, we offer a DIY carport kit at a discounted rate. For buildings over 31 feet, vertical roofs add strength and leak protection. Specific upgrades like the Santa Ana package are available for high-wind areas, and the Big Bear Snow Package adds extra support in snow-prone regions. Larger structures may require additional reinforcement. Always check local codes for compliance.

Metal Workshops & Tack Sheds

Our steel-constructed workshops offer the dual benefits of a fully enclosed garage and an extended roof, making them versatile, durable, and economical. They're ideal for artists, mechanics, carpenters, and even blacksmiths. In addition, our tack sheds feature a covered storage porch for hay and feed, as well as secure indoor space for saddles, tack, and tools. Both the porch and shed sizes are customizable to fit your storage needs. These structures provide comprehensive protection and security for a variety of uses.

Metal Barn & Barn-style Buildings

Our barn-style structures offer versatile solutions for storing agricultural equipment, hay, or housing livestock. Built from all-steel, these barns start with a main central unit, to which lean-tos are added for extra bays. While 14-gauge steel suffices for smaller animals like sheep and goats, 12-gauge is recommended for larger animals and spaces. Pricing is straightforward: standard buildings ranging from 12’ to 40’ wide serve as the central unit, which doesn't include side walls but may have connecting panels to the lean-tos. Lean-tos are priced collectively, so two 12’ wide units would be priced as one 24’ unit. There's no additional fee for attaching lean-tos during the initial installation.